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Student experiences of ERASMUS

portugal João Gomes


Due to its location, and the curiosity about the way to live in this part of Europe, adding the factor of the existence of low temperatures and a lot of snow, and ability to easily travel to different countries, i decided to come to Erasmus for Slovakia, Zilina. After that all started growing for itself , in the beginning a little of scared about be in other country with people that i didnt know. But all went normal when we met each other, and created such important moments in our lives. The new language, the new habits, the relations, the studies in english, the good relations with teachers and all faculty, made ​​us feel as or better than if we had in our house. Experience of the Erasmus in Zilina, many things to say, but nothing will show the Feelings that we felt, the family that we created the things that we learnt and lived in so short time. Its one of those things that you just have to do for you, for your life and for your happiness, and im happy that it happened here in Zilina.
portugal Hélder Ribeiro

2011/2012 (winter semester)

Zilina was a complete change in my life, I decided to come because I wanted to improve my English and I wanted to live one semester in a cold weather with snow because that I never saw in my country. Slovakia have a really good localization to travel to big cities of Europe and that was also an important point to my decision! The relationship with the teachers was one of the good things, they receive you quite good and teach you not only the subjects but also what can you do here in Zilina and in the surroundings! The conditions in the University were also good and here you have everything near you, like the canteen! I really liked when they prepared some trips to us for visiting some companies! Zilina have everything to offer you from Study to Fun of course, I had a lot of fun here, a lot of party!! It was an awesome experience and for sure I will try to come back sometimes, not to relive the past because you only live this once and is fast and intense but just because I liked it. xD
portugal Marieta Rocha


Do erasmus in Zilina was the best thing i decide to do! Don't let nobody destruct your will for enter in this experience and adventure. Here in zilina i found a big family, full of different people from all the europe . With them i traveled, i went in parties and, of course, i also studied . We have very good conditions in the Residence and also in the Faculty. In the faculty i really appreciated the good reception and kindness of the teachers. They know to be very professionals and teach well the students. If you like to travel, choose Slovakia is in the center of the Europe and is completely easy and cheap take a bus or train and travel! Don't lose your opportunity. ;)


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